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Parents Presentation

May 21st, 2019

Thank you to all the parents and families who attended the Parents Information sessions. Please see the HFHA Parents Presentation document for a copy of the slides and information provided during the meetings on Tuesday 21st May 2019.

Construction work is underway at the brand-new school called Hucknall Flying High Academy, due to open in September 2019.

January 21st, 2019

Photo of Hucknall Flying High Academy

The new school will be part of The Flying High Partnership, which is ranked the 4th highest performing Trust in the country and will meet demands for places created by the new Harrier Park development on the former Rolls Royce site in Hucknall.

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Enquiries concerning in year admissions can still be directed to Nottinghamshire County Council by telephone: Tel: 0300 500 80 80.

Chris Wheatley, CEO of the Flying High Partnership, said that as an organisation they already have strong links to the area through the highly successful Hillside Primary & Nursery School, situated on Roberts Lane, and are pleased to strengthen those ties further. He said, “This is an opportunity to be truly at the heart of the new community and to provide the very best learning outcomes and experiences, ensuring that we make every day count for the children and families of Hucknall.

"With a state-of-the-art new build, an outstanding head teacher and the proven track record of the Flying High Partnership, the future is very exciting!"

Head teacher at the new school will be Karl Clowery who said: “My whole approach to education focuses on ensuring children receive the very best education and are supported to be independent and with a lifelong love of learning. Our curriculum will be centred on enabling every child to fulfil their potential – based in creativity, enjoyment and a determination to be the best they can be."

'Outstanding' Head Teacher appointed to run the new Hucknall Flying High Academy, opening in September 2019

November 19th, 2018

Mr Karl Clowery

The Flying High Partnership has announced that Mr Karl Clowery will become the new Head Teacher of the state of art school to be built in the new Harrier Park community, off Watnall Road, Hucknall.

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Karl, who has a proven track record of leading schools to outstanding status will now oversee the development of the most recent member school of the Flying High Partnership; a primary multi-academy trust ranked the 4th highest performing in the country.

Deputy CEO of the Flying High Partnership, Paul Goodman, said his team were delighted that Karl accepted the role. "Our goal for the appointment was to find someone with the passion and experience to create the school we all dream of sending our own children to. During the competitive and rigorous application process we saw that Karl's skills, coupled with his ethos and excellence, made him our 'stand out' candidate.

"We are all thrilled to support his vision for the new school, knowing that the future of Hucknall Flying High Academy is secure in his hands and that every child who attends, will be given the best opportunities that education has to offer from this outstanding head teacher."

Mr Clowery who has been working in education since 2002 says he is relishing the challenge and opportunity of his new role. "All children have the right to reach their full potential in a secure, caring environment; my priority is setting high expectations - teaching to enable pupils to be their best self and building strong relationships based on mutual respect. This provides children with the optimum atmosphere to develop and mature emotionally, physically and socially.

"I feel that my ethos embodies the vision of the Flying High Partnership, where a relentless pursuit of excellence is a day to day expectation. Working at Hucknall Flying High Academy will provide me with the opportunity to develop this within the context of a brand-new school and furthermore, impacting positively on a newly established community, in which the school can be something that everyone is proud of".

Nick Layfield, Operations Manager at the Flying High Partnership says the admission window for those wanting to attend the school is open until 15th January 2019. He said, "For Reception and Year 3 pupils, as well as 'in year' applications, families should telephone Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80." Mr Layfield says that there is also time for the local community to influence how the school benefits the community. "The formal consultation for the school continues until the 21st December, and community questionnaires are available at meetings or online. Those interested in participating can submit their views on the school's nursery provision, extended school provision for pupils, and the use of the school's facilities to support the local community."

The Flying High Partnership will hold a drop-in session on December 14th at Rolls Royce Leisure, Watnall Road, NG15 6EP between 11 am and 2 pm, where families can meet the new head teacher.

Meet the Head teacher and consultation update

November 20th, 2018

Photo of Hucknall Flying High Academy

Thank you to all who attended the meetings on 20 November to meet the newly appointed Headteacher of Hucknall FHA, Karl Clowery. Please find out further information by viewing the PowerPoint delivered at the meeting.

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We are delighted to announce that the new school will be offering a breakfast and after school club to ensure wraparound care. This is a result of the consultation responses received so far – the voice of the community is clear, families would truly value school provision before and after the school day. Exact details are to be finalised but hopefully this is welcome news for those considering applying for the school.

Any questions please email the school.

Flying High Academy children recognise Remembrance Day and WWI Centenary

November 13th, 2018

Flying High Academy children recognise Remembrance Day and WWI Centenary

Children at Flying High Academy in Ladybrook have recognized the Centenary of WW1 by creating their own poppy displays and planting a tree of remembrance.

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Pupil Harry Baugh age 9 said, "This tree is being planted so that you can go there and have a little bit of silence to remember the ones you have lost. We have looked at some war poems and had a special assembly and found out why we use poppies, which is to help us to remember people who have fought for us in the wars."

Mr. Elliott Dudley, Year 4 teacher, said that a special assembly was held by the Royal British Legion where year 5 pupils read poems aloud. The school also observed a minute's silence. "We have tried to educate the children about the sacrifices people have made in all wars and have looked closer at local people who fought in the first world war during this, the Centenary of World War I. The tree we hope will become an area for pupils, parents and staff, a symbol of reflection let's say, to help us remember the sacrifices made on our behalf."

The day was closed by a visit from a parent who brought along some WWI artefacts including medic packs and genuine uniforms for children to look at.

Flying High Academy children recognise Remembrance Day and WWI Centenary

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy celebrates Good Ofsted result!

October 31st, 2018

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy celebrates Good Ofsted result!

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy is celebrating the news that its Ofsted inspection has shown that the school continues to be Good,-with significant signs of improvement since its previous Good report.

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Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy is celebrating the news that its Ofsted inspection has shown that the school continues to be Good,-with significant signs of improvement since its previous Good report.

Published on the 30th October, the report says of The Flying High Trust and the school's Head Teacher, Mrs Anne Ingle that, '…together you have effectively led improvements to the quality of teaching, learning and behaviour across the school. As a result, the rate of pupils' progress has increased…Leaders work effectively as a cohesive team. The trust, members of the governing body, staff, and pupils value your leadership and commitment to improving the school. You have been tenacious in your desire to connect with parents and families.'

The school's pupils also came in for particular praise in the report which says, 'Pupils are inquisitive and enjoy talking to visitors and showing them their work, of which they are proud. Children in the early years are already demonstrating sustained concentration in their activities and were excited to discuss the theme of their learning,' and '…pupils were engrossed in their learning and described their lessons as 'fun'.'

Stating that children are well prepared for the next stage of their education, the report said, 'They make good progress from their starting points and have developed positive attitudes to their learning.' The report's author said that 'Pupils were keen to tell me how safe they feel in school' and found that any barriers to pupils' learning was tackled 'head on' by Leaders, with a '…purposeful and rich curriculum', with pupils describing their school to inspectors using words like, ''amazing', 'brilliant' and 'caring'.'

Head Teacher Anne Ingle said she is pleased with the outcome. 'A great result! We are delighted that the report recognises the commitment and hard work of the staff and our wonderful children which has driven the school to become the success that it is.

'We would like to thank the community for its continued encouragement, and a special thanks to parents who are partners in this success. Their untiring support of the children and the staff has created a family environment that has improved the experiences of all of the children at the school.'

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy Parents told inspectors that the school is 'nurturing' and a hub of the community with one parent commenting, 'The new headteacher has brought a new excitement for my children and they can't wait to see what surprises the teaching staff will come up with next.' Parents also told inspectors that the school has an 'open and friendly nature' and that they find the Head Teacher and staff to be 'approachable and supportive of their children's needs'. One parent said, 'The staff can never do enough for the children and parents and are always happy to help when you need to have a chat.'

The reports states that improvements at the school are driven by school Leaders who have worked hard to raise the aspirations of the pupils and families, providing focused support and accurate and regular monitoring which has led to a 'considerable impact on pupils' progress and attainment.' It says that 'Adults use every opportunity to develop the children's speech, language and communication skills so that they are now receiving a high-quality start in the early years.'

Head Teacher Anne Ingle says that the school does not intend to rest on its laurels, but to work hard to address any next steps the school can take. 'We will take the time to celebrate this result and then it will be back to work, aiming to be the best school that we can be!'

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy celebrates Good Ofsted result!

New term, new outlook for children at Haddon Primary & Nursery School as they revel in their new school facilities!

September 25th, 2018

Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result

Children at Haddon Primary School say they are revelling in their new surroundings as the school nears the completion of its one-million-pound refurbishment.

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Year 5 pupils Sam Malone and Jamie Brown both say it has made a big difference to their school day. 'Before it was really small and cramped and noisy.' Sam said, 'We didn't even have doors to keep the rooms separate.' Jamie says he thinks the hall is the best part of the new build, 'I really like the hall, it is so much better and cleaner than it was. It's definitely the best bit because it is nice and big for assemblies and plays.' Now with a larger hall dinner times are being used to create leadership opportunities for children and to foster vertical friendships throughout the school years too. Sam says he likes mixing with other year groups. 'At lunchtime now, the Year 6 pupils are servers and it is much better. You get to make more friends.'

Kira Burton is also a Year 5 pupils and says it feels like a different school. 'I really like it, it is really spacious and a lot quieter. It has made me feel a lot happier because I don't have to shout to talk to the teacher. There used to be just curtains between the rooms, so we could hear Teachers talking to the next class. I think it will be easier to learn too because we also have extra rooms for study or we can use a quiet room if we need to. You can do extra work with the Teaching Assistants in there too.'

Head Teacher Nina Capek says the school's increased space has been an uplifting experience for the staff and children. 'We are delighted with our new facilities. So much so that we want the local community to share in the excitement. We are welcoming parents and families from the Carlton area to contact the school and come and take a look at us. We now have the school buildings that the children deserve, and we can't wait to welcome new families and their children to the school and to be a part of our exciting new venture.'

Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result
Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result

Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result

September 12th, 2018

Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result

Greythorn Primary School in West Bridgford is celebrating as its latest Ofsted result declares the school to be Good in all areas.

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The report has particular praise for the school because, 'Pupils attainment by the time they leave the school is above that seen nationally', and, 'Pupils' rates of attendance are above those seen nationally.'

Inspectors say that pupils are well mannered and behave well at the Greythorn Drive school and that 'Teaching across the school is characterised by strong subject knowledge and effective questioning skills. Teachers' use of assessment enables them to build effectively on pupils' prior knowledge and understanding.'

In the key findings the inspectors say, 'The headteacher has successfully ensured that the vision and values of this school are well known. Leaders and staff have worked together as a cohesive team to bring about improvements in teaching and outcomes.'

The report also praises The Flying High Trust, of which Greythorn Primary is a member school, for providing… 'effective support to leaders to enable them to improve their skills and the quality of provision at the school.'

Head Teacher at Greythorn Primary School, Mrs Sally MacDonald, says that the school will use this platform to make further advances, 'We are delighted with this result and want to thank our wonderful pupils, their families and Greythorn staff for the hard work that this outcome reflects.

Greythorn Primary School celebrates Good Ofsted result

'We have always valued the development of the whole child, and this year we are taking great strides to develop a challenging and creative curriculum with questioning and reasoning at its heart, preparing our children for life in the 21st century.'

Mrs MacDonald says that the school is grateful to families and friends for their support of the school, referencing the report which says, 'The overwhelming majority of parents and carers speak highly of the school' and that 'There is a strong culture of safeguarding. Pupils are confident that they are safe in school. They learn how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.'

Ofsted Inspector: 'As he was composing his letter, one boy declared his love of writing saying, 'It makes my heart happy!'

A particularly heart-warming mention in the report details a classroom where children were being encouraged to write a story and says, 'During the inspection, the teacher showed the children a video clip of a canoeist making his way down rapids at Holme Pierrepont. She skilfully narrated the short clip, using vocabulary such as 'splashing', 'wavy', 'bubbly' and 'foaming'. This inspired the children as they wrote a letter about a canoeing adventure. As he was composing his letter, one boy declared his love of writing saying, 'It makes my heart happy!'

The school is now proactively tackling points the report raises on how to improve. These include ensuring consistency of the high expectations as seen in mathematics and English across other subjects, focusing on success criteria and staff accountability to clarify pupils' targets and steps to learning.

Mrs MacDonald said, 'Whilst we are thrilled with these results, we are not content to rest on our laurels and will continue to strive to be the best school we can be. This is a huge step change for Greythorn Primary School and we will make the most of the momentum. So, watch this space!'

Most glittering Flying High Trust Awards yet!

July 26th, 2018

Most glittering Flying High Trust Awards yet

Children and families of 21 Nottinghamshire primary schools fill Royal Concert Hall for spectacular showcase of talents.

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Nottinghamshire's Flying High Trust welcomed 21 primary schools from around the county to the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham for their biggest annual awards event yet.

Recently rated as the fourth highest performing Multi-Academy Trust in the country, and the highest performing in the East Midlands, the celebration at The Royal Concert Hall became a fitting way to look back on an unforgettable year for its schools said Nick Layfield, Operations Manager at The Flying High Trust. 'Our awards evening recognises the achievements of children and school staff in several categories reflecting the Trusts' ethos of Aspiration, Responsibility, Creativity, Pride, Confidence, Perseverance and Enjoyment. It really has become the highlight of the school year. The event showcased the amazing talent, passion and achievements of children, their families, the staff, governors and the wider community across our schools. It was an evening of joyous celebration which we hope will create memories that will stay with the children for a lifetime.'

Most glittering Flying High Trust Awards yet

Organiser of the mammoth event, Executive Officer Jenni Dunne said she was thrilled at the atmosphere in the theatre. 'I feel that the awards was our best yet! The buzz of excitement was tangible, and I hope that every child and member of staff who contributed to the event are incredibly proud of themselves! The finale and the musical performances were amazing! Our music leads really took charge and led the coordination across all 21 of the Partnership schools with so much passion and enthusiasm that it shone brightly on the evening. It was an absolute honour to have been able to coordinate such an event and what a pleasant surprise to be acknowledged on stage for my role in delivering the awards, the flowers were absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to get going on the plans for 2019, recognising the talent that makes our schools unique and the best in the universe!'

This year, CEO of The Flying High Trust, Mr Chris Wheatley, welcomed guest speaker Mr David Strudley, CEO of Rainbows, a hospice for children and young people. Chris said, 'Working in partnership with Rainbows hospice has brought our values to life, ensuring we all work relentlessly to make every day count. Rainbows is a truly inspirational organisation and we are proud to work together. The evening overall reflects everything we want our children to be; brimming with confidence and creativity and who feel they can take on the world with no dream out of reach.

'We all collectively aim to increase aspiration for staff, pupils and parents and this is at the heart of everything we strive for in The Flying High Trust.'

Head Teacher of Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School (Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mr Karl Clowery, said this was the first time his school attended the awards. 'My impression of the event was extremely positive. I thought it was a fabulous occasion and our pupils described it as 'sensational'. It was the pinnacle to an excellent year and what a great way to celebrate those individuals within our community who continually exhibit those values that the Trust stands for, and for bringing all of the communities within the partnership together to celebrate.'

The Flying High Trust has member primary academies all over Nottinghamshire including Alderman Pounder Infant & Nursery School (Nottingham), Beeston Fields Primary and Nursery School, Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, Cotgrave Candleby Lane (Cotgrave), Edwalton Primary School, Ernehale Junior School (Arnold), The Flying High Academy (Ladybrook Mansfield), Greenwood Primary & Nursery School (Kirkby in Ashfield), Greythorn Primary School (West Bridgford, ), Haddon Primary School (Carlton), Hillside Primary and Nursery School (Hucknall), Horsendale Primary School (Nuthall), Killisick Junior School (Arnold), Leamington Primary School (Sutton in Ashfield), Peafield Lane Academy (Mansfield Woodhouse), Kirkstead Junior School (Pinxton), Longwood Infant School (Pinxton), John King Infant School (Pinxton), Porchester Junior School (Carlton), Mapplewells Primary & Nursery School (Sutton in Ashfield) and Stanstead Nursery and Primary School (Rise Park, Nottingham).

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A beacon of learning in its community; equipped with the highest calibre of staff and delivering the highest academic standards.

Paul Goodman, Deputy CEO of The Flying High Partnership

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At Leamington we are passionate, dedicated, approachable and friendly. We truly want to help the children succeed.

Liz Atkins, TA